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Ethical Employment Training Program

Sustainable workplaces and recruitment, focusing on responsible recruitment practices.

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Occupational Health and Safety Training Program

Creating awareness on the importance of safe workplaces.

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Equality, Safety and Respect Training Program

Promoting equal and respectful workplaces.

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Social Compliance Training Program

Rights based training addressing supplier standards bottom up.

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Child Labor Prevention and Remediation Program

Safeguarding childhood in global supply chains.

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Supplier Code of Conduct Training Program

Promoting a respectful and fair work environment that is safe and inclusive.

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Worker Engagement Training Program

Building effective workplace dialogue and grievance channels.

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Grievance Mechanisms Training Program

Building strong and trusted operational-level grievance mechanisms.

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Wage Management Training Program

Establishing systems for fair wages.

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Digital Wages Training Program

Financial inclusion and empowerment.


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Worker Testimonials

The fire and safety training is helpful for work and daily life. If I'm at home or go out I unplug my electrical machines.

Yan Wanshou

Worker Flextronics Zhuhai China


Learning Methodology

Quizrr creates worker-centric, engaging and gamified digital content with short live-action and animated films followed by a quiz – always in local language and setting. Our educational platform, leveraging Social Practice Theory, is built for inclusivity, making sure anyone, no matter digital literacy levels, can benefit from the training.

Did you know?

Our learning modules are based on the ILO Core Conventions, IOM's Migrant Worker Guidelines for Employers, Employer Pays Principle (EPP), OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN SDG's 5, 8, 12 and 17 as well as local law.

Our Impact

During 2021 we surveyed Quizrr users across multiple markets to better understand the outcomes of our training and how the training benefits their workplace.


of workers using Quizrr state that the training is useful.


of workers using Quizrr would recommend the training to a peer.


of workers using Quizrr believe the training improve the relationship between managers and workers.

Play to Learn

Engagement is crucial in learning. Quizrr transforms important topics into fun and engaging content – adding gamification to enhance the learning experience. Try the Quizrr app by scanning the QR Code with your smartphone camera or directly in your browser via this link.

Learning Programs

The Ethical Employment training aims to eliminate forced labor in supply chains worldwide, focusing on awareness, ethical recruitment, and employment, with a special emphasis on migrant workers.

The Code of Conduct training program is designed to enhance a respectful and fair work environment that is safe and inclusive. It ensures that all employees have a basic understanding of their rights in the workplace. Understanding their rights is the first step to ensuring they are upheld, which helps to create a safe and respectful work environment, for everyone.

The Social Compliance training builds knowledge about employment policies and guidelines, covering topics like overtime, maternity leave, health and safety, and the importance of establishing an efficient worker-manager dialogue at the workplace.

Ensuring worker safety is both legally and morally imperative. This training helps implement occupational health and safety measures while educating workers about them for a secure workplace.

The Equality, Safety and Respect training is designed to promote equal and respectful workplaces in global supply chains  and beyond with knowledge and access to female (and male) role models, leadership skills, digital literacy, equal opportunity and more.

This program, developed in collaboration with our partner The Centre for Child Rights and Business, is specifically tailored for upper/mid-level managers in supply chains. The curriculum addresses critical aspects such as definitions of children’s rights, child labor and hazardous work; robust prevention strategies that include key aspects such as age verification, best practices in recruitment (HR), and remediation covering different scenarios including children accompanying their parents to the work floor, as well as young workers in hazardous conditions.

The Worker Engagement training focuses on improving dialogue-based problem solving and worker-management relations. It covers effective communication, employee satisfaction, and worker representation and participation.

The Wage Management training introduces wage management systems, employment benefits, regulations on overtime, and career opportunities to encourage a more stable and motivated workforce.

In this training workers and managers will learn the basics of effective operational-level grievance mechanisms, including how to report and resolve concerns. Grievance mechanisms are a necessary instrument to ensure workers have access to remedy and is a mandatory component of upcoming human rights due diligence legislation. An effective grievance mechanism has several benefits:

The Digital Wages training, created in partnership with BSR HERproject, enables RMG factories to adopt digital payroll quickly and cost-effectively, providing essential information to managers and workers for a smooth transition.

Trusted by industry leaders

"In addition to working with suppliers to reduce risk, we also train migrant workers about their rights and forced labor risks using Quizrr's interactive digital platform."

New Balance

2023 Sustainability Report


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Quizrr's digital training platform enables de-risking in global supply chains by educating workforces from the bottom up on business critical topics to drive behavioural change. Our platform enables you to track progress, get actionable insights, and address pain points proactively with your business partners.

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