How Quizrr works

Get to know how digital, gamified content combining live-action videos and interactive quizzes can build knowledge and capacity, engaged employees and increase workplace dialogue. Learn more in 60 sections by watching the film.

Supplier benefits using Quizrr

Find out how Jiaxipera in China, an Electrolux supplier, benefits from using Quizrr to improve engagement and increase productivity.

Impacts & Benefits

Easy to scale

Digital solutions to scale within any size of organisation and regardless of industry sector.

Engaged workers

Access to training for all employees ensuring workplace engagement and less worker turnover

Social impact

Build trust and transparency in the organisation as well as with business partners.

Together we are creating impact

People trained


People trained

Training sessions


Training sessions




Brand case & news

Going beyond audit

Austra Garment Factory in Dongguang, China, started using Quizrr in 2016 and has since trained all of their workers. They have gradually been seeing the increasing benefits of incorporating the digital training for all their employees.

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Quizrr raises 6MSEK


Quizrr raises 6MSEK in round funded by Norrsken VC, Working Capital, CSB Capital and Alto Cumulus.

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Impact Report shows changes on factory floor


Over 62% of factory workers say that training in rights and responsibilities has led to improved communication between workers and managers, according to Axfoundation’s recently published impact assessment.

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Supplier benefits

Learn about Flextronics in Zhuhai and how they use Quizrr to educate their workforce.

How Quizrr works

Build capacity

Train your workforce in topics such as rights and responsibilities, health and safety and worker engagement.

Measure and Share

Track your progress. Benchmark your result against other businesses. Keep track of your progress in the online dashboard.

Create Impact

Improve worker engagement and sustain knowledge. Lower your worker turnover and engage your workers. Repeat training.


Take corporate responsibility to the next level. Join us in the quest going beyond audit. Building stronger transparent businesses and in the process enabling people to improve their lives.

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The training is digital and performed on tablets in smaller groups (2-5 people) or individually. The result is then accessible in the Quizrr Dashboard. No trainer is needed. Training can thus be done whenever suitable; e.g during idle time, low season, in relation to breaks and in introductions to new employees. The training can be repeated and knowledge kept even if the employee turnover is high. 

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One training program takes about 1 hour per person. You can train up to 5 persons per tablet. 

Example: You want educate 1000 workers within 6 months, 5 persons per group/hour, 200 groups/hours training needed in total, 33 hours per month, 8 hours per week. Done! 

The flexibility of tablet training allows each factory to customize when training is suitable. The training can be done in relation to breaks or meetings, during idle time or whenever is most suitable for production. 

Startup planning

- The training Responsible/HR in the factory will be invited to a Quizrr start-up meeting for 1 hour to product introduction regarding content and planning.

- Scheduling and communication internally with production, worker representatives and other peers weekly/monthly to prepare training as per regular process.

- Syncing and Follow-up of training weekly/monthly in the Quizrr dashboard where the results is easily accessible and measurable.

- Sharing results internally and decide on actions if needed. In the dashboard you find ready to share pdf-reports.