About the Training

Implementing human rights due diligence (HRDD) doesn't have to be complicated. With Quizrr's expertise gained from working with the world's leading companies to address human rights risks in their supply chains, we're excited to share insider tips and best practices with you and your suppliers. 

Our digital and expert-led training equips you with the necessary legal knowledge and practical insights to implement HRDD effectively. The training combines expert tutorials, case studies, and quizzes across seven modules, supported by a set of HRDD tools, and guidance documents. The modules will be updated regularly, as the landscape shapes.

About the Training

This training is tailored to procurement, supply chain, CSR and human rights professionals looking to kick start their HRDD efforts.

The Quizrr Talks HRDD Training is based on OECD's Dude Diligence 6 step framework, the UNGP's and current legislation. The training program consists of 7 modules (20-30 min/module).

Learning Modules

  • Introduction
    An introduction to HRDD, requirements and legislation
  • Policies
    Getting the basics down and establishing governance systems
  • Identify & Assess
    Digging into the Supply Chain to Identify and Assess Adverse Impacts
  • Cease, prevent, mitigate
    Minimizing Damage Where Needed, and Using Prevention as a Critical Success Factor. 
  • Track
    How to Measure and Know if Your Approach is Working
  • Communicate
    Communicating the Good, the Bad and the Real
  • Remediation
    Remedy and Grievance

Learning Outcomes

  • Promoting a common understanding of human rights risks and impacts, and help your company progress towards meeting regulation on human rights due diligence
  • Gain clarity on how to operationalise existing OECD recommendations in your supply chain
  • Sector-specific considerations and good practice examples for business, including small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), when implementing the OECD due diligence framework.
  • Identifying and drawing on existing tools and resources, which companies can use to support human rights due diligence to address potential risks and adverse harms.

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Human Rights Due Diligence isn’t rocket science but it does help if you have insider tips on how to put the right policies and processes in place. We’re excited to share our learnings with you and your suppliers. 

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