Digital Human Rights Due Diligence

The Quizrr platform allows your organization to effectively identify, address, and prevent human rights risks in your supply chain.

OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct – Five Steps

Embed Responsible Business Conduct

Quizrr digital learning helps reach high-risk suppliers and choke points cross the whole supply chain

Identify, Assess, Prioritize

Quizrr diagnostic tool helps companies identify training needs

Cease, Prevent or Mitigate

Quizrr worker education ensures  workers are aware of and engaged in the protection of their rights

Track Implementation & Results

Quizrr’s dashboard allows buyers and suppliers to measure the current level of knowledge and basic understanding in the workplace

Communicate & Report

Quizrr’s platform features allows buyers & suppliers to create custom reports as part of due diligence reporting.

Expectations on Companies

Recent and upcoming regulation mandating Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD) calls for companies to demonstrate that they have an ongoing process to identify and prevent, monitor and report on actual and potential adverse human rights impacts, and publicly report on their findings.

Quizrr's HRDD Solution

Educational Technology

Quizrr’s digital training programs are built to infuse knowledge from the bottom-up, creating shared knowledge and awareness to identify risks and prevent adverse human rights impacts.

Data Analytics

Quizrr Dashboard for monitoring, reporting and evaluation needs, enabling identification of training performance, knowledge retention, trends and patterns.

How It Works

Identify and Prevent Labor Rights Issues

Implement Quizrr’s Human Rights Due Diligence Programs

Social Compliance

Rights based training addressing supplier standards bottom up.

Ethical Employment

Ethical recruitment and employment, focusing on responsible recruitment practices.

Worker Engagement

Building effective workplace dialogue and grievance channels.

Gender, Safety and Respect

Promoting equal and respectful workplaces.

Wage Management

Establishing systems for fair wages.

Quizrr's learning modules are based on the ILO Core Conventions, Employer Pays Principle (EPP), OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct, OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct, IOM's Migrant Worker Guidelines for Employers and local law.

Monitor & Report On Mandatory Disclosure

Measurability through real time data to take quick, proactive decisions that prevent human rights risks in your supply chain.

Aggregated Data Overview

Follow-up on your supply chain training performance. Identify patterns and trends.

Compare Factory Performance

Proactive decision-making based on your partners performance and engagement.

Reporting & Sharing

Satisfy reporting requirements and mandatory disclosure for internal/external stakeholders.

Consulting Services

Expert consulting Quizrr/internal are available to contextualize findings and recommendations.

Integrate Data

The Quizrr dashboard and reports can easily be integrated into public corporate disclosures.

Our Impact

People Trained


People Trained

Modules Completed


Modules Completed

Active Factories


Active Factories

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