Worker Facing Tech Is Ready

January 31, 2023

I recall conducting training on rights and responsibilities for workers in apparel factories in China in the 2000s. We reached maybe a thousand or so workers at a cost of several thousand dollars. The quality of the work was strong, came at a high per-person cost, and our ability to follow up with participants afterwards was limited.

A lot has changed since then. Last year Quizrr reached over 150,000 workers with lively, interactive and practical training, at a per-worker expense of only 1$. Quizrr’s software allows employers and workers to stay in touch after the training, enabling content retention to be measured,  and providing workers with on-going access to the content that they want to access.

There can be no doubt that technology plays a transformative role in meeting the aspirations of workers in global supply chains. 

Where has progress lagged? There are still too few multinational companies which embrace the value of using the proven, available, and cost-effective tools which enable them to build transparency into and engagement within their supply chains. We’re grateful for the leading corporations which recognize the business benefit of  connecting workers directly with resources. Unfortunately our community remains too reliant on the commitment of a small number of leading companies that want to reach workers directly to let them learn, protect and advocate for themselves.

But this unsatisfactory situation won’t last. Regulation is catching up to the inadequacy of the way most big companies understand labor and human rights risk in their supply chains. Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation means buyers have to account for human rights exposure in their supply chains. Demographic changes mean there’s competition for good and productive workers. In a world where supply chains are being redesigned for resilience and transparency, buyers and brands want to work with partners that share their values.

Worker-facing tech is ready. The time has come for the business world to embrace Quizrr and other tools that provide real, measurable benefit for workers, and which simultaneously build strong and resilient businesses.

About Dan Viederman

Dan Viederman is an award-winning social entrepreneur and leader in supply chain innovation. As Managing Partner at Working Capital Fund, Dan is focused on efforts to engage and invest in entrepreneurs and tech innovators in pursuit of new tools to scale improvements for vulnerable workers in global supply chains.

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