techUK Supply Chain Summit

November 18, 2022

Quizrr CEO Erika Wennerström and Head of Learning Sandra Granath to speak at techUK's Tech Supply Chain Summit in London on November 23rd.

About the techUK Supply Chain Summit
Supply chains are facing ever more scrutiny as we face multiple environmental crises, pandemic related shortages of critical materials and goods and geopolitical tensions that have caused inflation and delays. Every country and sector has had to confront these issues and understand the risks posed.

With so much focus on supply chains this summit will look at the major supply chain risks, the journey products embark on, as well as business model questions, the role of tech in improving outcomes and driving innovation.

This summit will explore the specific tech sector risks ranging from modern slavery and conflict mineral regulations to ESG disclosures and increasing due diligence. We will examine how companies have responded and adapted to change, what is and isn’t working and best practice.