Working day by day to create a positive change in the world

December 07, 2022

It's 9 am, the morning sun painting the walls of my home while I prepare my routine cup of coffee, same-day panorama. Suddenly, I received a call from a friend with a notice that I didn't know would change my life. 

"Hey Rafa, remember Quizrr? The company I told you I was working with? Well, they're hiring."

It was September this year when I started my interviews hoping to be part of this great company, and now I'm part of it. It's been almost three months and for me, it feels so right that it feels that I've been part of the team for more time. 

When thinking about how I feel to work at Quizrr, I can only think of two words. Happy and Fulfilled. Fulfilled in the way we all are working day by day to create a positive change in the world, on how we have an impact on employees and workers all around the world, not only in their working aspect but their personal lives and family. Fulfilled by waking up every day and being excited about having meetings with the team, and wondering what the next challenge would be, how to do my job better, or how to create something that will help not only me but the whole team to do it better. Quizrr is an example of a great company in which everybody on it looks to team-up, and accomplish the goals together, we help each other to accomplish Quizrr's goals and that way we achieve everybody's goals.

Fulfilled with knowing that at the end of the day all our effort and work we do will transcend, not only on us but on thousands of workers and families worldwide. 

Before joining Quizrr I had helped companies accomplish their goals in other industry types like oil and gas, communication, automotive, agriculture, restaurants etc... Creating profitable business plans and ensuring companies' growth, but I felt something was missing in all this effort and work. 

I can say that Quizrr has given me a whole new way of viewing things, because I love what I do, and the work I do makes sense in my personal life concept, when people love what they're doing as a job it changes the everyday "routine" into an everyday "new opportunity".  I love to put my heart into things I believe in and things I know are right for a change. that's Quizrr for me, not only a company but a whole concept of how to be better every day, so you can help others with your everyday actions.

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