Quizrr Partner With Prewave


May 12th, 2023.

Quizrr join Prewave's Action Platform alongside Ulula, Löning, Tüv Süd and more. The Action Platform enables companies to stay ahead of the curve and proactively address potential issues before they impact their operations.

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On May 12th, during Prewave Day in Vienna, the Action Platform was officially announced and presented to the event attendees. The platform will empower businesses to take swift, data-driven action in response to supply chain risks. Services providers joining the platform will cover multiple areas of the value chain including:

  • Action consulting (Taylor Wessing, Löning, PWC, Valantic)
  • On-site audits (Tüv Süd)
  • Awareness training (Quizrr, Tüv Süd, Löning)
  • Desk audits (Tüv Süd, Löning)
  • Supplier/stakeholder engagement (Ulula, Rainforest Alliance)

Learn more about Prewave's Action Platform here.

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Quizrr's digital training platform enables de-risking in global supply chains by educating workforces from the bottom up on business critical topics to drive behavioural change. Our platform enables you to track progress, get actionable insights, and address pain points proactively with your business partners.

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