Half a million workers empowered


July 17th, 2023.

As of today, Quizrr has passed the half million mark of people educated in global supply chains.

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Over 60% are women coming from India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar, in ages 20-30 years. Through our digital learning experience, we empower both men and women with crucial knowledge on how to identify forced labor, learn about their basic human rights, gender equality and much more. 

The topic has never been more relevant, as the increase in implementation of mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence frameworks has soared over the past 10 years. This means that companies now are accountable to report and mitigate human rights risks within their supply chains, often a complex and challenging effort given the mere scale of its mechanisms.  Turning this challenge into an opportunity is what we do, and we are thrilled to be on the forefront during these changing times.

Thanks to all fantastic change-makers around us – clients, collaborators and impact stakeholders. The future is shared!

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Quizrr's digital training platform enables de-risking in global supply chains by educating workforces from the bottom up on business critical topics to drive behavioural change. Our platform enables you to track progress, get actionable insights, and address pain points proactively with your business partners.

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