Quizrr Unveils New Identity


June 7th, 2023.

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, we saw the need to sharpen our identity and present a fresh and new Quizrr to the world.

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2023 is turning into an exceptional year for us. As we round off our first decade (!) in the business, we decided to give ourselves a facelift, resulting in a strong, coherent new identity, that blends technology with humanity.

Redefining our identity 

Design plays a pivotal role in conveying our brand message and values effectively. Being an ed-tech company, we want the perception of us to be as engaging and inspiring as our product. 

New brand elements 

Our new logo visualizes impact pathways, and the way knowledge can create a positive ripple effect throughout society. The logo also represents the reach our programs have, across multiple industries, such as logistics, services, and manufacturing. By aligning our design choices with our brand narrative, we can solidify a cohesive and impactful presence on the market. 


Entering new markets 

The launch of our new identity marks a significant milestone in our journey as we continue to evolve and expand globally. We are small but mighty and are more excited than ever to be entering new markets wearing a brand-new look. 

Explore our new website today at quizrr.se

Quizrr brandsignature
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Quizrr's digital training platform enables de-risking in global supply chains by educating workforces from the bottom up on business critical topics to drive behavioural change. Our platform enables you to track progress, get actionable insights, and address pain points proactively with your business partners.

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