"To me, the sense of belonging and motivation has improved a lot."

Li Zianchao, Worker

Austra, China

Going the extra mile

Since they've started using Quizrr in 2016, Aussco have given their employees training in all of Quizrr trainings, ranging from Rights & Responsibilities to Migrant Parenting. The benefits are gradually improving.

Building capacity and engaged workers

Low worker engagement and high worker turnover is a growing issue for global sourcing companies when it comes to building new partnerships with suppliers in Asia. Austra works actively to build worker engagement and improve workplace dialogue, engaging their total workforce in Quizrr training. Peter Chan, General Manager at Aussco, believes the impact has been significant.

"We have seen a lot of immediate effects, for example, when I'm talking to my employees it is easier since we're already on the same page. It is much easier to negotiate, especially for compliance issues it really helps, and that the workers have a much better understanding of what management does".

This sentiment is echoed by Jeffery Chan, Compliance Manager at Austra who monitors progress every month. Before the training there was an awkwardness in communication between management and workers but it has now improved considerably.

"We monitor and check internally and find that the the number of complaints have indeed been reduced. We feel that workers can now solve problems more actively. The attitude of workers to solve problems has changed from passive to active, and the enthusiasm of employees has increased. Because of more communication, workers are now more confident to express their ideas..".

Quizrr Blended Learning

In 2018, Austra, decided to implement the Quizrr blended learning format. The training combines the digital training as well as on-site trainings, and centers around the importance of worker engagement and tools as well as practices for improving it.

Creating an engaged workforce

The on-site training is flexible and adjustable according to your timeline and schedule. It is interactive and includes scene reproduction from contemporary fictional scenes, as well as groups discussions. This makes it easier for the participants to embrace the training and incorporate the learnings into their daily workday. Leo Liao, Quizrr training, has been leading the workshops together with the workers at Austra elaborates.

"The training can help the factory to improve the awareness of working engagement, especially their communications skills. It also improves the atmosphere of communication and dialogue with the factory. These are the skills and methods that most domestic factories lack at present, and this training method can solve this problem really well".

Hua Dandan, a worker at Austra who has been doing the training feels that the Quizrr training is much better than traditional ways of training.

"We have tablet training firstly, then the on-site training interactive trainings. The tablet training is very flexible and time-efficient which is suitable for us. While for the on-site training, since we participated in all the games and workshops, has given me a deeper understanding of the topics and it has helped us a lot".

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