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All training data and results are uploaded and displayed in our online dashboard. Follow training results in real time and track progress. Use market benchmark or set your own KPI's and enjoy the benefits of a data driven approach. Take quick actions based on training results. Save time and spend your training budget where it is needed most.

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Our training content

Each digital tech tool has been designed using local language and settings to not only effectively capture the interest of workers but also to convey a sense of reality. We develop our solutions together with companies, organisations and suppliers to create relevant trainings built to create impact.

One training program takes about 1 hour per person. Train individually on smartphones or in groups up to 5 persons per tablet. All our trainings are based on the ILO Core conventions, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN SDG's 5, 8, 17 as well as local law.

About Rights & Responsibilities

Factory workers across the world are often unaware of their own rights and responsibilities, which makes it harder for them to exercise their rights and makes them more vulnerable to unfair treatment or abuse. The Rights & Responsibilities training aims to inform and educate workers, managers and supervisors on rights and responsibilities. This training also contains training on how to stay safe in times of Covid-19.

Rights & Responsibilities

Violation of standards and worker rights and failing to properly address such issues is likely to put business reputation at stake. Poor working conditions also make room for safety concerns, and bundled with other issues like unfair wages, can build up low worker engagement and high employee turnover. That apart, global brands and suppliers engaging in emerging markets also often struggle to maintain labor standards and comply with regulations. 

Learning Modules

  • Workplace policies
  • Health & safety
  • Fire safety
  • Workplace dialogue
  • Covid-19

The training is available on basic level and advanced.


The training is available in China (Mandarin) and in Bangladesh (Bengali).

Thailand Rights & Responsibilities

The Ethical Recruitment training tool aims at educating both management and workers on their basic rights and responsibilities, with a focus on the importance of ethical recruitment, and the ways to ensure it.

Access the training demo tool here.

Learning Modules

  • Introduction
  • Employment practices
  • Workplace Policies
  • Workplace Dialogue
  • Management practices
  • Covid-19


The training is available in Thailand (Thai, Khmer and Burmese).

"It's fun and interactive. The Quizrr training gives us an opportunity to discuss and share thoughts".

Workers, CP Foods, Thailand

About Worker Engagement

The Worker Engagement training is aimed at enabling functioning systems for problem solving and worker-management relations, covering issues such as effective communications, employee satisfaction, worker representation and participation.

Worker Engagement

For managers, an advanced-level executive summary explains how worker engagement and dialogue benefit the factory in terms of stability, decreased staff turnover and increased production.

The training is also available as a Blended Learning program which combines the Quizrr digital training along with traditional classroom training. To enquire about the Blended Learning program reach out to

Learning Modules

  • Dialogue
  • Engagement
  • Nomination & election
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Executive summary


The training is available in China (Mandarin) and in Bangladesh (Bengali).

"I wanted to be a worker representative to help new workers and help them to solve potential problems".

Liao Xinkai, Worker representative, Flex

About Wage Management

The Wage Management training introduces wage management systems, employment benefits, regulations on overtime, and career opportunities to encourage a more stable and motivated workforce. 

Wage Management

As organizations realize the need and importance of worker engagement and compliance to international standards, they also understand the value of a fair and motivating work environment. This requires good wage management systems in place, to ensure that individual skills and experience are accounted for in wages, and that workers not only understand their wage structure, but also have access to skill development and growth.

For managers, an advanced-level executive summary explains how a good wage management system benefit the factory in terms of stability, decreased staff turnover and increased production. 

Learning Modules

  • Introduction
  • Employment
  • Wages
  • Pay Systems


The training is available in China (Mandarin).

About Digital Wages

Together with BSR’s HERfinance and MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth, we have developed a technology-based learning tool to support managers and workers to transition from cash to digital wages, as well as cultivate this knowledge.

Digital Wages

Nearly two billion adults globally do not use formal financial services to save or borrow money, and women disproportionately lack access and control over financial resources. Being paid in cash, further adds to their financial exclusion, and makes it even harder to break the vicious cycle of poverty. Bringing the unbanked, particularly women, into formal financial systems, and cultivating proper knowledge, skills, and attitude toward financial services, can be a massive step towards breaking this cycle.

This digital training tool not only familiarizes the workers with digital wages and financial services, but also covers crucial topics like Financial Planning, Budgeting, Saving and talking about Finances with family.

Digital wages training for free

Sign up here to access the Digital Wages training for free. After you have signed up you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and install the app on your tablet device. For full measurability on your training, sign up for the full Quizrr solution.

Learning modules

  • Digital money
  • Financial services
  • Financial planning
  • Budgets
  • Saving
  • Talking about money

Available markets

The training is available in Bangladesh (Bengali).

About Involuntary Work

Recent years have seen Modern Slavery as one of the biggest concerns, as businesses undertake their daily due diligence. Together with the Ethical Trading Iniative (ETI) we have developed a training for factory management aimed at curbing the issue of Modern Slavery.

Involuntary Work

There has been a big confusion on what modern slavery is, what the equivalence of modern slavery is in different country contexts, how to identify it, and what actions and remediation steps to take once it has been identified.  

And that’s what the training covers, to not only create awareness and reduce instances of involuntary work (modern slavery), but also promote ethical recruitment practices in supply chains.  

Learning modules

  • Introduction
  • Employment practices
  • Workplace policies


The training is available in China (Mandarin).

About Migrant Parenting

The migrant parent training offers a range of support mechanisms and tools to help workers overcome the challenges associated with being a migrant parent worker.

Migrant Parenting

The training, which consists of five key modules addresses some of the biggest challenges migrant parent workers face with regards to distant parenting, such as understanding children’s needs, identifying and handling signs of distress and creating effective remote communication. The content of the training is based on CCR CSR’s migrant parenting training.

Learning Modules

  • Care
  • Needs
  • Communication
  • Distress
  • Togetherness


The training is available in China (Mandarin).

"..quite striking to see that even after only short training sessions online or on-site, parents feel more empowered to play an active role in their children’s lives.."

Ines Kaempfer, Executive Director, CCR CSR