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QuizRR is a training solution and a service platform to educate, measure and share. Our solution is developed in co-creation with Ocean Observations. We welcome companies, organizations, and governments to take global social responsibility to the next level with us.

Our Team

Josefin Unger Belin

Key Account Manager

Josefin has professional experience from several areas, mainly CSR and sustainability but also marketing, market research and media analysis. During seven years she worked with sustainability and development issues at Fairtrade Sweden in the role as Product- and Key Account Manager. She has lived three years in China with her family and is working as Key Account Manager at QuizRR.

Gina Wang

Market Manager China

Gina has a BSc in Engineering and more than 10 years experience of business development in China. Gina is working with market development for China.

Zarif Jawad

Systems Developer

Zarif has a Bsc in Software Enginerring and Management. He is responsible for IT Solutions at Quizrr. He has several years of experience in Software Development and has until recently been working as a software consultant.

Jasmin Chowdhury


Jasmin has a BSc in Computer Science and Accounting from Stockholm University. Jasmin works with the content regarding Bangladesh. Jasmin has several years of experience of accounting and translation before joining the team of QuizRR.

Sohan Rahman

Support Coordinator Bangladesh

Sohan has a BBA in Management Information System and has previously worked in ICT development project in Bangladesh. Sohan is now supporting the QuizRR launch in Bangladesh and is located in Dhaka Bangladesh.

Clara Alderin

Project Officer

Clara has a master degree in Business Management with specialization in CSR at Uppsala University. She has international background conducting her studies in Latin-American, African and Asian countries with main focus on the garment industry and sustainability. At QuizRR, Clara is working with content development.

Yongtao Guo

Support Coordinator China

Yongtao Guo has been working with IT development project in China. Yongtao now supporting the QuizRR launch in Mainland China and is located in Beijing.

Jens Helmersson

Founder and CEO

Jens has over 16 years of international experience from retail, design, buying, sourcing and production management, with several years for H&M in Bangladesh and Hong Kong. Jens is based in Hong Kong.

Sofie Nordström

Founder and Production Manager, deputy CEO

Sofie is a project manager and media producer. She has more than 8 years experience working with CSR, social dialogue and HR in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Turkey with focus on producing educational tools for global brands.

Sabinor Lönnroth

Market Manager Bangladesh & Communication

Sabinor, with experience from CSR and from H&M in Bangladesh, has an academic background in Psychology, Teaching and Marketing. Sabinor has earlier worked with different project implantation within CSR and social sustainability. Now Sabinor is responsible for market and product development for Bangladesh and with QuizRR communication.

Sandra Granath

Project Manager

Sandra has a master degree in Sustainable Development at Uppsala University. She has an academic background in Political Economy & Diplomacy with focus on south East Asia and wrote her dissertation on social dialogue and worker engagement. Sandra is working with research and content development for new products.

Sara Fridholm

Market Manager Bangladesh - provisonal

Sara has a MA in Human Rights & Democratisation with a focus on Asia and the Pacific. With professional experience in international development, Sara has lived and worked in several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin-America. She has most recently been working with organisational development and managing quality assurance of projects. Sara works with market and product development for Bangladesh at QuizRR.

Sofia Karlsson

Sales & Public intern

Sofia has a BA in Language and Communication, and has studied International Development in Central America. She spent the past few months in South Asia working with human rights and communications for development, and is currently working with sales and public relations at QuizRR as an intern.

Ulrika Fernstedt

Market Developer

Ulrika has an academic background in Sustainable development and Innovation management. She has 15 years experience from retail working for IKEA and Åhléns with product development, sourcing and CSR. Ulrika works with market and process development for China.

Daniel Mensch

Business Value Developer

Matilda Perdahl

Intern Production

Matilda is a Learning Designer, graduated from Medieinstitutet in Stockholm, specializing in training solutions through e-learning and blended learning. She has a Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management from Hotel Institute Montreux and has previously worked in the french hospitality industry. She is part of the production team at QuizRR with the main focus on production processes.