Spotted Trends From High Altitude as We Return From a Week in Silicon Valley

April 27, 2023

Supply chain transparency and human rights governance is becoming increasingly important for companies' ESG strategies. Returning home from a packed week in Silicon Valley, one of the most highlighted topics we saw was the interconnection between environmental achievements and the social impact that comes along with it. This is especially true when looking at the global north’s transition to electrified behaviours and consumption patterns. The dependency on batteries, solar products and other electrified products is quickly mounting up to become the greatest risk for human right violations in history.

Adding to the narrative, consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment and the society, which calls for companies to make that connection. By incorporating supply chain transparency and human rights due diligence into their ESG strategies, companies can not only improve their reputation but also reduce the risk of supply chain disruptions and improve the sustainability of their operations. 

This is how one of our key clients are incorporating supply chain transparency and social responsibility into their core strategies: Hint: download the report and jump to page 37.

No Man is an Island
The just transition movement will depend on companies coming together to collaborate on data, investments and move the needle. It is no secret that many leading corporates have overlapping supply chains; manufacturing suppliers or service providers often serve many competitive brands and so the space is ideal for collaborative efforts. Unfortunately proven to be a struggle in itself since the legal landscape is not designed for collaborations in between competitive brands. That is where platforms like Quizrr have a facilitating role, connecting industry leaders to drive change beyond their own production lines. Get in touch if you want to know how this works in practice! 

Global Launch in Service Lanes
From Icon Siam in Bangkok to the Orchard Road stores in Orchard, Singapore; cleaners, janitors and managers now access key knowledge on their basic human rights through Quizrr. Our founder Sofie Nordström and Program Manager Jasmine Afshari recently came back from the roll-out in Asia, part of the global launch for service providers - cleaning companies, security, transportation, and logistic hubs, providing not only engaging training on ethical recruitment and employment but also real-time data for actionable insights and long-term impact.

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