IHRB Voices Podcast

April 27, 2022

In this Voices Podcast Neill Wilkins from IHRB talks to Spenser Bomholt Fain, Global Programme Manager at Quizrr on how a growing number of International Brands are using the Quizrr tech platform to adress forced labor and promote responsible recruitment in supply chains worldwide.

Access the full podcast below, available on IHRB's website or on your preferred podcast provider.


Progressive companies are constantly searching for new and better ways to engage with their workforces. They do this to identify issues, address concerns, improve worker satisfaction and drive productivity. Making sure that workers can relate to and be willing participants in these interactions is important in delivering meaningful information to both workers and those who employ them. Whilst the use of technology can never replace the benefits of effective face-to-face interaction it does allow quick and easy collection of data and delivery of information in a user-friendly form and multiple languages. Digital platforms are increasingly being deployed as an aid to training, communications, and a better understanding of workers and the challenges they may face.

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