Addressing Social Sustainability Issues for all Employees: No Longer a ‘Nice-to-Have'… But a ‘Must Have’!

June 23, 2022

Article by Sara Rhodes, Global Sales Manager at Quizrr

You know the love you never got over? It was the same for me with Quizrr! Having worked at Quizrr previously, I have followed the company’s great progression closely. With the shift in the sustainability landscape that now has more focus on the “S” in the ESG alongside the new legal frameworks coming into place such as HRDD pushing for positive change, it feels like such an exciting time in Quizrr’s journey to be returning in a new role as Global Sales Manager. 

I hold a master's degree in Human Rights and have extensive experience within international development cooperation. As a natural relationship builder, the choice I made several years ago to move into a commercial environment was an easy one. I feel inspired and excited to have the opportunity to now merge my experience with both human rights and sales. 

Quizrr’s aim is to empower people and businesses by training workers at all levels in the supply chain. We now reach even further, going beyond the factory walls by addressing vulnerable workers in migrant corridors. As Global Sales Manager I am responsible for driving and expanding the business globally, and I am really looking forward to working together with industry leaders to drive behavioural change in their supply chain to fight the risk of human exploitation and human rights violations. Complying with social sustainability issues for all employees is no longer something that is nice to have, it is a must have, and that is why we are here!  

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