OHS Smartphone App

May 01, 2021

Occupational Health and Safety training – Now on Smartphones.

With the ETI Quizrr QR code for the Health & Safety awareness raising training we aim to reach more garment workers in Bangladesh beyond the 25,000 who have already completed the training within the 20 factories supported by ETI and funded by UKAid.

Getting access to the training via their smartphones will increase accessibility to important health and safety messages, which is more important than ever as the  pandemic is yet to be under control. Within the next coming month, 50,000 stickers with the QR code will be distributed among workers along with other communication materials highlighting the code.

It is our aim that as many workers as possible will be able to access the training and hopefully also show it to their family members and other members of their community outside of work. The continued spread of the virus means that we need to keep reminding each other of the importance of safety measures both within at outside of work” – says Sara Petersson, Social Dialogue Programme Manager, Ethical Trading Initiative.

About the Quizrr GO app

With and ease, engagement and flexibility at the core, this app has been developed with the idea of enabling continued learning journeys for workers everywhere. Each training module consists of a series of engaging live action or animation films, followed by short quizzes to help reinforce and retain the knowledge.

These films and quizzes have been developed in local contexts and languages, with an inspiring but Slice of life take. The contents of the films and quizzes have been designed with due research, together with international and local experts of different topics. 

Get involved

Learn more about the Programme here.

Contact Sara Petersson, Social Dialogue Programme Manager, Ethical Trading Initiative, sara.petersson@eti.org.uk, to learn more about the programme and how to get involved.

Contact Sofie Nordström, sofie.nordstrom@quizrr.se, Co-Founder Quizrr, to learn more about the Quizrr digital training.

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