Nordic Initiative: Pilot report released

September 17, 2019

With almost 2300 workers trained, many of them migrant workers from Cambodia and Myanmar, we are happy to share the outcomes of the pilot phase of the Nordic Initiative in Thailand. The goal for the pilot was to develop and test a tech based training on rights and responsibilities, with focus on ethical recruitment with factories in the food sector in Thailand, and the long-term goal is now to scale the training to more factories and tiers.

The Nordic Initiative was formed in 2017, consisting of Axfood, Axfoundation, Coop, CPF Denmark, ICA, Martin & Servera, Menigo, Norvida, S Group Finland, Unil Norway and Quizrr. Quizrr took a first step to conduct a pre-study to explore the potential of using digital training tools in capacity building in the supply chain in Thailand.


For questions about the project contact:

Sofie Nordström

Supawan Morris


Executive Summary

This report provides an analysis and evaluation of The Nordic Initiative pilot project in Thailand. The pilot training is focused on employment rights and responsibilities, ethical recruitment, and targeting migrant workers and Thai workers and different levels of factory management.

This pilot report is seen as a basis for further development in producing films and content adapted for both Thai and migrant workers in Thailand in diverse industries. The Rights and responsibilities tablet training for Thailand consists of 12 film clips and 5 topics/sections of quiz in 3 languages - Thai/ Burmese/ Cambodian with voice support function for all languages. The learning modules are Introduction, Employment Practices, Workplace Policies, Workplace Dialogue, and Management Practices (only for management training). All aggregate training results are saved and displayed in the Quizrr web portal. The scope of pilot covers 10 factories across Thailand which are the suppliers of 9 brands to the Nordic Countries.

The results from the data analysis show that after being familiarized with the Quizrr tablet and system, the majority of trainee respondents find the Quizrr tablet is easy to use. The training is engaging and the content is fun to learn. Respondents said that they learned new knowledge and/or reviewed their knowledge from the training. Most of the implementation teams also find that the Quizrr digital training and solution is easy and flexible for planning the training, provides training cost savings and also adding a dynamic and modern image for the organization. 

The overall result of the survey and interviews shows that pilot factories had a positive experience in using the tool and found that the training content is informative. They had some suggestions for improving the tool.

Quizrr is taking all of the responses into consideration. These are suggestions for improvements which Quizrr will reflect on accordingly:

1) Language. We will revise the terminology, including re-structuring and shorten some questions, and Khmer language. 

2) User interface. We will investigate font size and an easy to read font and add rewind buttons for the films. 

In the meantime, Quizrr also added a new function to the online dashboard which allows both brands and factories to see the data according to the users nationality.

In addition, there will be more adjustments in the training during fall 2019 to improve the training and learning experience for the next phase. 

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