Empowering People and Communities

June 02, 2022

I have worked on community and social development projects on 5 continents, and one thing has consistently broken my heart: that is when good, constructive work that is changing people lives for the better is cast aside, abandoned, left to wither.  It is a common occurrence. It happens when politicians change their priorities and public support for projects is cut back or simply stopped and allocated elsewhere. It happens when NGOs don’t get their grants extended or simply run short of funds. 

I learned after years of working with social enterprises around Europe that if you want to guarantee longevity in the work you are doing, figure out how to make it pay for itself. You can’t fix every social problem that way, but where you can turn something into a commercially viable service or product, do it. If you want to help farmers, ensure they have the wherewithal to grow their crops and get them to a market where they can sell them for a fair price. If you want to protect workers at the workplace, show employers conclusively that looking after their employees is tantamount to looking after their business. Make the financial case crystal clear to employers. Show them that giving workers fair terms and conditions, access to Health & Safety training, and protection from exploitation will benefit the business as a whole.  If you empower those workers, they will never again have to rattle a can to get charity. 

Empowering workers, empowering communities is what Quizrr does, and that is why I am so excited to be working here. That is why I go to bed at night confident that by facilitating workers to champion their own rights, they will continue to be able to look after themselves, their families, and their communities for years to come.  

Quizrr plays an important role. We work with your favourite brands, going out to the local factory floors and providing training: relevant, accessible training in the local language.  We help workers understand their rights, what they have access to, how to create a collective voice to protect those rights, and how to use the grievance mechanisms available to them if something goes wrong.  We put transparency into the system so that the workers, the local facilities, the brands, and lots of other groups can see how things are working or not working, and what is being done to improve areas that need fixing. We track progress in real time. The data is available in dashboards right now so interested parties can make on the spot adjustments if necessary.  

You ever had a lousy job and thought you would chuck it in at the first chance? You ever had a good job and felt you didn’t want to leave it? The end result is that workers have a better deal and want to stay with the firms that gave them that deal. It’s better for the workers, it’s better for the producers, and it’s better for you because you can sleep at night knowing that t-shirt you bought, or that computer, wasn’t made by people being exploited. 

And me?  I go to bed without a broken heart.  See?  It’s win-win-win! 

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