Selling what matters: When it’s good for business & even better for people!

August 01, 2022

After several years of working in single bottom-line businesses, I realized that profit and positive impact could go hand in hand and actually increase when they are executed together.  

 Over the past 9 years, I’ve been working on the commercial side of startups where the common thread of what made me wake up in the morning has always been people and the relationships I’ve built with them - with my teammates, clients and business partners.  

 One day, while I was snoozing on a flight to a business conference, I started to think about my reasoning and the impact of what I was doing. “Why am I selling this product? What are my clients gaining from it? How are my clients’ stakeholders going to gain from it?” I had many questions. But every time I asked myself, the answer just kept repeating itself - money. The impact of what I did was that someone was going to make money from it - either me, my company, my clients or the investors.  

Don’t get me wrong - making money is the basis of any business. There is nothing wrong with that. However, something felt missing for me. I was selling a product that was going to be replaced by another product one day and by another one the day after. And I came to the realisation that all of this journey, except for my individual development, would be in vain.  

 So I quit my job and went travelling the world. I backpacked through 20 countries in 4 continents. While witnessing amazing scenery, I got to experience many different cultures, learn about different perspectives and made friends for life. Most importantly, I figured out WHAT I wanted to do in my career next, but not yet HOW.    

After an entrepreneurial adventure in impact consulting, I finally ran into what I sought - a position where I could continue to create meaningful relationships with people and companies and sell a product that has a lasting and deep-rooted positive impact on improving people's lives.  

 Quizrr does just that - with the mission to empower both people and businesses, Quizrr educates workers on their human and labor rights by focusing on creating knowledge from the bottom-up.  Training all workers creates a helium effect as opposed to a cascading effect where only managers are trained and are expected to pass down the knowledge to the critical mass of workers. This stops human rights violations by addressing the problem from its roots and creates behavioral change in people who are actually the ones at risk.  

 And this is where the helium effect happens - whether it’s a young mother in Bangladesh who just learned she is entitled to maternity leave, a Lao immigrant worker who now knows he shouldn’t be paying to get his job or a Mexican father of four who is no longer working overtime because he knows his rights.  All those people are now happier workers. And happier workers equals motivated and efficient workers, which in turn creates a solid & sustainable business case for their employers.  

 Quizrr allows this effect to occur through a unique learning methodology and business model strategy. Partnering with industry-leading brands to provide learning capabilities to their supply chain, we at Quizrr mitigate the risk of human rights violations by creating a safer, happier and more efficient working environment for suppliers.  

I’m very lucky to have joined Quizrr in a position where I have the opportunity to commercially grow a technology that not only improves performance and helps businesses, but also is changing the lives of people around the world!

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