Joint ETIs WE Blended Learning

January 24, 2020

Together with the Joint ETIs we're planning the next steps of the Worker Engagement Blended Learning in Bangladesh. The project consist of partners Ethical Trade Norway, Ethical Trading Initiative (UK) and The Danish Ethical Initiative.

About the training
The training emphasizes concrete steps everyone can take towards creating healthy workplace dialogue. The training is fine-tuned to address the specific benefits for workers, supervisors, worker representatives and managers.

Currently, management often links workers voice with added cost when the reality is the opposite.

It is the lack of effective dialogue between workers and management that leads to high turnover, strikes, and an unengaged workforce as there is no outlet for the workforce to express themselves.

Answering these questions, create awareness and build mechanisms for worker engagement is the aim of this program.

Read more about the collaboration in blog by Etisk Handel Norway.

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Free Health & Safety training


With the on-going situation regarding COVID-19, most factories are now closed in Bangladesh with the government expected to prolong the period further

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New training: Involuntary Work


We are excited to launch our new digital training built help factories understand and combat the issue of involuntary work.

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Occupational Health & safety


Due to the on-going situation in China we have opened up our digital Occupational health & safety training to support all of our users.

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Quizrr to speak at OECD Garment Forum


Quizrr will speak at the OECD Forum on Due Diligence in the Garment and Footwear Sector on February 13th in Paris, France. 

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Digital Wages Cambodia


Digital Wages Tech Tool being produced for Cambodia together with BSR & HERproject.

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Heja framtiden podcast


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Supporting migrant workers


We are partnering with IOM in their Promise programme in Thailand to help newly arrived migrant workers learn about their rights.

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