1 million training sessions

June 02, 2021

After a year of societal disruption amid the pandemic, many companies are evaluating their corporate sustainability strategies. We all know the positive impact that occurs in environments where shared knowledge, dialogue, and worker engagement are present – and the pandemic has placed yet more emphasis on this fact. 

As we celebrate the first million training sessions on our Quizrr platform, we invite you to join us in realizing true behavioral change in supply chains. 

From fighting human exploitation to protecting workers’ well-being, Quizrr enables industry leaders to scale critical knowledge on multiple levels of their supply chain. Through educational content and data insights, we can address issues from the bottom up – together.

In this new and evolving landscape in which Corporate Sustainability takes higher precedence, education will continue to be the greatest equalizer of all. In this report, learn how organizations leverage our digital training technology to protect their workers and global supply chains.

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