Digital training offer to ensure decent working conditions

We are offering a strongly subsidized three-month digital training program designed for factory management in China to mitigate worker exploitation in the backwaters of COVID-19. Register by April 30th to take part of the offer.

Mitigating worker exploitation in the backwaters of Covid-19

As reported by leading global organizations, the impact of the Covid-19 virus outbreak on businesses in China has been significant, halting operations and leading to movement of workers. Many factories suffer from shortage of labor and workers face uncertain working environments. With the need to hire more workers fast, there may be a risk of negligent hiring practices as well as impaired working conditions during this time. This increases the need to raise awareness on ethical recruitment and decent workplace practices.

About the offer

To enable you to act fast, de-risk your supply chain, take advantage of the benefits of digital data-based approach, Quizrr is offering a strongly subsidized training program. Get your brand fee covered for three months and start de-risking today.

Receive instant training insights and support your key suppliers in mitigating worker exploitation by making sure factory management has relevant information regarding health and safety, involuntary work and other labor rights. Digital training is the smart way of navigating some of the consequential effects of global virus spreading. 

The offer is valid until April 30th, 2020. Register below.

Included in the offer

You will have access to below for a period of 3 months from training start:

  • Involuntary Work & Occupational Health & Safety training modules
  • Quizrr dashboard access for brands & factories to follow progress on data
  • Self-reporting
  • Digital training plan
  • Assisted onboarding of factories.
  • Roll-out and start within 2 weeks of registration
  • 1 training tablet per production unit.

Included training programs

Health & Safety

  • Safe workplaces
  • Safety precautions
  • PPE
  • Health habits 6 breaks
  • Safe drinking waters

Involuntary Work

  • How to prevent Modern Slavery
  • Global legislation & requirements
  • Local legislation on employment
  • Workplace policies

Impacts & Benfits

Flexible & effective

Set training schedule according to production level and needs. Engaging micro trainings using dramatized movie storytelling.

Awareness raising

Educate and refresh managers and supervisor knowledge on ethical recruitment & health & safety laws and regulations.

Measurable actions

Track participants progress in real time. Share results communicate and take actions based on real data. Take a pro-active, de-risk approach.


Price model consist of a flat start-up fee plus a package fee per production unit. The more production unit you engage in the program, the higher the discount per unit. Below, please register how many production units you would like enroll in the program

# of production units
One time startup fee
€ per production unit

1 - 5

1 - 5

600 €

1 800 €

6 - 20

6 - 20

600 €

1 100 €

20 >

20 >

600 €

950 €

Get started

You are ready to take a great step towards mitigating worker exploitation in your supply chain. Follow link to register for the offer.