Javascript Developer

If we flip the labels in our clothing or coffee cups or 100 different items on our desks, we would read, “Made in Bangladesh”, “Made in China” or “Made in Thailand”. But have we really wondered about the real hands that made those products in the tail end of supply chains of global manufacturing companies? 

If we say, the quality and safety of such work environments in global downstream manufacturing hotspots are often poor, you probably wouldn’t even be surprised. 

But we bet you would be surprised if we say, you could reduce the number of occupational accidents in factories in Bangladesh sitting from our office in Stockholm.  

Or you might be even more surprised to hear that you could actively fight modern slavery and bonded labour across Asia, if you choose to join our team. 


Who are we? 

We are Quizrr - an EdTech pioneer in social sustainability. We use the bottom up approach to help companies unleash human capital in global supply chains. 

Our path to impact is to create relevant engaging content to spread knowledge and understanding of key topics like occupational health & safety, basic human rights, ethical recruitment practices and much more. To date, we have over 500 factories using our digital training platform and a humbling 970 000+ sessions played by people ranging from migrant workers in arrival centers to production lines across Asia. Measurable, engaging & also purposeful!


Why do we need this? 

We have a chance to improve the quality of work and life for millions of workers who make the things that surround us everyday. 

The training modules that we design, develop and deploy through our platform increases retention and employee satisfaction for our factories thereby reducing the cost of recruitment and training. 

The retail giants in Europe and US demand their manufacturing counterparts in these developing countries to ensure quality of work life which we help deliver. So it's a win-win-win!  

But we are just getting started. This year will be a pivotal year as we expand into more countries, explore new markets and take our product to the next level. This is why we are asking you to join our team. 


Who are we looking for?

You are a person with a big heart and a passion for coding. You want to use your skills and knowledge to create change and build the capacity of millions of workers in supply chains around the world. You enjoy working in an international environment and be part of an innovative and expanding company. You want to be a key player of a great and growing team, having influence over what we do and how we do it. Most importantly you have high ambitions and like to have lots of fun.


What your days will look like

  • Implementing key features in our training platforms
  • Collaborate with our growing team of developers to continuously improve software and business processes by using innovative tools and techniques
  • Playing a key role in our product innovation discussions
  • Knowing that your everyday work will improve working conditions for factory workers around the globe
  • Being part of a creative and fast-moving team in Stockholm



  • 3+ years of experience in App Development in JavaScript (ES6+)
  • Experience in React or similar frameworks
  • English (we are an international team)



  • MongoDB (or other NoSQL databases)
  • Node.js


Why join us?  

Impact: Every day you work with Quizrr, we are making somebody’s life and work in another part of the world better. 

Fun: You would constantly try out new technologies, write code for production and hear the feedback from end users directly. You will get to experience the entire product and software life cycle. 

Culture: We are a small team with zero bureaucracy. You will have influence on not just the product but the whole company. 

Salary: Of course! But this is not the only reason you would join our team.


As we are writing this job description there are 251 other react dev jobs in Stockholm according to LinkedIn. But if you truly believe in the problem we’re solving and want to be part of an impact startup journey, please write to us and we’ll get back to you right away!