Quizrr Launches New Training Program to Prevent Child Labor


The Centre, an organization supporting companies in child rights and more, is collaborating with Quizrr, a leading provider of labor and human rights training, to together produce a digital training program to prevent child labor in global supply chains.

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The purpose of this program is rooted in a commitment to ethical business practices and the eradication of child labor from global supply chains. Developed based on the comprehensive ILO Supplier Guidance on Child Labor Prevention, the program is specifically tailored for upper/mid-level managers in supply chains. The curriculum, delivered through engaging visual storytelling, followed by knowledge-reinforcing quizzes in Quizrr’s digital training platform, addresses critical aspects such as definitions of children’s rights, child labor and hazardous work; robust prevention strategies that include key aspects such as age verification, best practices in recruitment (HR), and remediation covering different scenarios including children accompanying their parents to the work floor and young workers in hazardous conditions.

Initially focused on the Bangladesh and Türkiye markets, the collective objective of the training program is to positively impact the lives of children and families by reinforcing children's rights and supplying companies with tools to mitigate the risk of child labor in their value chains.

I am really happy that we are teaming up with Quizrr. This training won’t solve the child labor issue in our supply chain – but it has the potential to sow some much-needed seeds for positive change. For example, our training emphasizes how we can avoid hazardous work for youth. Any factory that follows this guidance will concretely contribute towards the elimination of child labor. Working with Quizrr will undoubtedly allow us to extend that message to more companies and suppliers!

Ines Kaempfer

CEOThe Centre for Child Rights and Business

This is a great next step for our collaboration with The Centre, and we are happy to be deepening our joint approach of combining the expertise and experience that The Centre brings with Quizrr’s tech platform designed for reach, allowing companies to mitigate the most salient risk in global supply chains.

Sofie Nordström

Co-founder and deputy CEO, Quizrr

About The Centre

The Centre for Child Rights and Business supports companies in child rights, ESG, and human rights due diligence to deliver improvements within their supply chains and yield positive business outcomes. Our mission is to promote supply chain transparency, improve corporate practices for businesses, and improve the lives of children and families by working with companies to strengthen children’s rights within the value chain. We provide global expertise, services, support, research and insights covering a broad range of child rights and business issues across multiple sectors and countries. For more information, please visit www.childrights-business.org.


About Quizrr

Quizrr is a Swedish EdTech company that offers innovative training solutions backed with real time data to advance corporate responsibility and capacity building in global supply chains. Founded in 2013, Quizrr uses digital training solutions to educate employees in global supply chains on issues such as employment rights, workplace safety, and social dialogue, using a bottom-up approach. The content, reflecting several of the Sustainable Development Goals, is based on global requirements such as the ILO Core Conventions, IOM Migrant Worker Guidelines, Employer Pays Principle (EPP). For more information, please visit www.quizrr.se.

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