Moving beyond audit

Positive change starts on the factory floor, resulting in improved worker-manager relations. Quizrr contributes to collaborations between businesses and organisations that realize the benefits of dialogue, worker engagement and decent work.

About Quizrr

Quizrr was founded in 2013 by Sofie Nordström and Jens Helmersson. After working several years in global supply chains for H&M, they grew tired of their efforts not being enough, and that audits didn't give the desired effect nor did it always take into consideration what matters the most. The workers.

Out of that experience Quizrr was born. Through digital, gamified content combining live-action videos and quiz questions, always in local language and setting, the first training program Rights & Responsibilities started in Bangladesh. Since then we have expanded to China, Thailand and Mauritius.

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We would love to talk more! Please have a look at our career site to get to know the Quizrr team, and open positions.