2019 highlights and a glimpse into 2020

Get to know what has happened at Quizrr during 2019, and get a small glimpse at where we are heading in 2020.

You are all changemakers

A personal greeting from Quizrr CEO Erika Wennerström, co-founders Jens Helmersson and Sofie Nordström to all of our changemakers creating positive impact using Quizrr.

Bring on 2020!

Dear partners & friends,

I am SO proud to represent a company that attract the interest of some of the world’s most admired brands, powerful organizations, visionary investors and respected family offices. However small and early on in a market poised for growth, we remain committed to seek partnerships with values-driven stakeholders who believe that solving the world’s greatest challenges are not just a moral imperative, but also an unprecedented market opportunity. Together, we are moving into the intersection where impact will meet profit. Thanks to our dedicated team, Quizrr is well on its way to grasp the digital space of social sustainability. The selection as one of hundred impact companies in the Nordics by the Norrsken Foundation shows we are on the right track.   

Where are we going?

To refresh on our path ahead, Quizrrs digital SaaS platform is about to revolutionize the way companies carry out their social upstream responsibility. Not only does it provide the opportunity to reach all the way to factory floors with a wide range of critical trainings; it also adds measurability to the impact created, making it possible to communicate with clarity all the way to consumers. 

Taking a standpoint on social business ethics is on the raise in most companies these days, but the lack of scalable and digital tools to do it efficiently is a huge pain point according to survey after survey. That is the challenge Quizrr work to address for our clients.

Looking forward to an exciting 2020, and hope to see you all soon!

/Erika Wennerström, CEO Quizrr

Taking actions based on data

2019 has been a successful year with a lot of exciting progress, in areas such as partnerships, tech development and training modules. We have, based on our learnings and feedback from brands and suppliers refined the customer journey, from simplified registration process to automized support, and are starting to see the outcomes - shorter lead-times for onboarding of factories, efficient trainings and data that supports the story of success by building capacity within individuals. Check out how factories Jiaxipera Compressor Ltd and Aussco Garments are beginning to reap the benefits of an engaged workforce.  

Collaborations for impact

Not only have we continued our long-term collaborations with Ethical Trade Norway and their members – where Norwegian companies access the tech-based training to take their suppliers to the next level and with Axfoundation and the AxsonJohnson group, but also started collaborations with ETI, BSR, Solidaridad, Better Work and IOM UN Migration.

Within the Nordic Initiative, addressing Migrant worker issues and ethical recruitment in Thailand, we are reaching migrants from Myanmar and Cambodia, and we are also developing the HERfinance tech tool for Cambodia, following a successful pilot in Bangladesh.

We have developed, piloted and implemented tech-based trainings and blended learning programmes to address complex topics such as workplace dialogue and worker representation, in both Bangladesh (with JETI) and in China (with Axfoundation).

In a joint development with ETI we address topics such as Modern Slavery for management in China, and with CCR CSR the issues of being a distant parent in the Migrant Parenting programme.

Counting the numbers

Currently more than 168 000 people in 416 factories in Thailand, China, Bangladesh and Mauritius have done trainings with Quizrr, learning about health & safety, workplace dialogue, worker representation and much more. 

A glimpse at Quizrr innovations 2020

As a way of increasing scaling opportunities for companies and to better cater to the users we are working on expanding our reach by developing the Quizrr solution for multiple devises such as smart phones and solutions to help large factories with their capacity building. As always, to be both smart and lean, we work in collaboration with relevant partners so let us know if you want to be part of the journey. 

With lots of valuable data and input on needs gathered throughout the year we are now ready to sharpen the online reporting tool -  our Quizrr dashboard - with enhanced alerts, reporting and analysis tools. This revamp will make it easier for companies and suppliers to keep track of their training and enjoy the benefits of a data driven approach.

Looking forward to an exciting 2020 with you all!

Best regards,

Erika Wennerström CEO, Founders Jens Helmersson and Sofie Nordström and the awesome Quizrr team!